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“After suffering days of horrific spasms, Dr Harold Dalton was able to inject the facet joints and ended my nightmare. Miracle worker”.


Nancy McCue


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With over 60 years of collective medical experience, the Florida Spine and Sports Specialists have built a reputation through constant study and devotion to patient-based results. Through an emphasis on patient education and a guided rehabilitation program, we focus on returning patients to healthy, active, pain-free lifestyles as quickly as possible.

Our Philosophy

Florida Spine and Sports Specialists’ philosophy begins with the belief that an informed patient is a valuable member of the treatment team.

Florida Spine and Sports Specialists was created with a team concept. With the best doctors and surgeons as the core of the team, it is enhanced by a multi-disciplinary group that includes physical therapists, a trainer, physicians assistants, yoga and pilates instructors and a caring administrative staff.

Our expert administrators ensure that your insurance benefits are efficiently applied, removing the often frustrating experience of working with the insurance companies. Even more importantly, the admin team coordinates all aspects of your treatment to guarantee that your healthcare experience is seamless.

By having all treatment options under one roof, your physician is able to monitor every aspect of your treatment and recovery. No other facility in the region can offer that. Full integration of the treatment components with continuing oversight by your physician guarantees an ability to continually modify programs to maximize results.

What to Expect at Your First Visit

Providing safe and effective spine and sport care from non-surgical treatments to advanced minimally invasive surgery. Call 954-771-2551 for more info!